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A powerful resume and cover letter are the ultimate job search tools.

However, most resumes end up getting tossed in the trash!
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Professional Resume Writer
and author of "The Very Best Resumes 2012"

You're about to discover the 'secret ingredients' that successful job-seekers use in their resumes to ALWAYS get hiring managers to call for an interview,
and how you can too.

NOTE: Your first step in to read this article in its entirety. Please don't just skim through it - I don't want you to miss a single word, because when I demystify resume writing for you, you simply cannot fail to create a resume that will have hiring managers dying to call you for an interview and to hire you.
Location: Washington, DC
Dear Friend,
In today’s economy there are many more job-seekers than jobs… Competition is fierce and most folks don’t have an idea of what it takes to get an interview or a job... they don’t stand a chance.
Job offers?... Most job-seekers see several months or a year vanish without landing one, even one, job INTERVIEW.
This is no longer a big secret. We are in one of the most difficult and stressful times we've seen in decades. Competition for jobs in today’s market is brutal. Chances are slim…
But if you'll give me just five minutes of your time right now and read every word of advice in this article...
... I'll reveal to you how you can have your calendar filled with exciting job interview requests… so you will have more interviews in the next 60 days than most job seekers will land in a year.

You're about to discover the KEY secrets 99% of all job-seekers will never know...

The 2 Most Important Job Search Secrets

That Keep Most Job Seekers 'Stuck In The Job Search Sludge.'

the very best resumes, resume templates and examples

1. You must stop day dreaming about a new job and realize that… “There will be no new job for you, and I mean NO NEW JOB(!) until YOUR phone rings for the job interview." Landing multiple job interviews... getting your name on their call list, wedging your "foot in the door" is where IT ALL starts! (Make sure your carve this into your memory, THIS IS WHERE your focus MUST be).

2. The Very Best Resume: A professional, well-written resume sprinkled with a few special ingredients can completely flood your calendar with top job interview requests. And this is easier and faster than you can ever imagine.


Why? Because In Today’s Economy Only The Very BEST Resume Will Work!... Because Your Resume IS The ONLY Thing That Stands Between You And Interview Calls!

Did you get that? Your resume is the bridge between you and the job interview. You need a strong, solid bridge or you will not get to the other side!
A well written resume will give you fantastic results and almost all job seekers miss this. They simply do not understand this fact. The resume is your best friend, or you best enemy…

Imagine this scenario...

You are 'stuck in mud' of your job search. You're totally stressed out and money is beyond tight...

You need to find a job fast, you need some help. So you decide to hire a professional resume writer. You want a pro resume. You call the big fancy Resume Writing Service Company you found out about recently. You fork over a large sum of your hard earned savings so you can have a professional write your new resume.

A few days later you start to get very excited! You smile and say to yourself, "this is going to change my career options, it will be like magic!"


You get your new resume back from the writing service and it looks great! You find it hard to believe this fantastic document is really about YOU!

Not only that… Your professional resume writer even threw in a "free" cover letter to go with your expensive resume…

You are now so excited you can’t contain yourself. You spend hours sending your resume and cover letter to as many companies and contacts as you possibly can. You also post your resume to all the major online job boards and even some local boards.

You start daydreaming about your telephone ringing like crazy with multiple job interview requests, discussing several job offers, finding yourself negotiating a new salary and benefits...

Your daydream turns to a complete and total nightmare… You wait for that phone to ring... and wait... and wait some more. You can’t believe what is going on… Maybe the phone number was wrong? No, you gradually start to realize...


... That NOTHING Is Happening... NOTHING AT ALL!


Incredibly frustrating! That professional writer you paid all that money to guaranteed you would land more job interviews. They told you their company has been in business for over 15 years. They also charged a lot of money. (Over $350 dollars... ouch!)

Here's what ACTUALLY happened... With 289 people all applying for the job you want, they had a 2 foot high pile of resumes and cover letters to sort through, and your resume and cover letter, like 97% of them, was treated like an old rag and thrown right into the trash bin.

Why did this happen to you? Simple. Because your resume and cover letter looked like every other ‘professionally written’ resume and cover letter in the pile… They did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stand out from the crowd. Your new expensive resume failed to grab the attention of the employer!

This is so common in today’s job market, 97% of the resumes didn't even get a second glance let alone a good honest read. There were better resumes to look at, your cookie cutter “pro resume” was lost in the crowd.
Your competitors are just like a stampeding herd of elephants, running hard and chasing the job that should be yours. They all used a “professional resume writer” and bought the same top rated resume books from And guess what? They are flooding the desk of the same hiring manager you're trying to reach. FACT: The ONLY REAL difference in this huge pile of resumes and cover letters are the peoples' names!

Why did 97% fail? Because 97% of the resumes look alike… Not one of them has a “STOP THE HIRING MANAGER IN HIS/HER TRACKS” element to stimulate the employer enough to get you on the “Call For Interview”. You did not stand out from the crowd and this means NO INTERVIEW and NO JOB offers.

You might as well go to Vegas to try and get rich gambling!

This is so very common and extremely sad... however you are reading this article, and as a result it does not have to go this way for you.

# # # #

I'm about to reveal to you how you can get more quality job interviews than you'll know what to do with. And get exciting job offers that will open incredible doors. The simple fact that most people miss is that it's so easy to rise up from the job-seeker crowd… They will keep using the same old, common, boring resumes. But you don’t have to!

Here Is A Precious Little Secret That The Big,
Expensive Resume Writing Companies
Hope You Never Find Out...

They hope you don't discover the fact that resume writing is a very BIG business! "They" lead you to believe that writing an effective resume requires an ‘expert writer’ — so they can proceed to charge you a ‘small fortune’ to write yours!

Fact: You don't have to spend $250 to $550 to get a professional resume written for you. Not even close really!

I'll Show You How To Create THE Very Best Resume That Can Land You The ‘King’s Ransom’ Of Job Interviews... And In The End A New Job.

I've written hundreds of professional resumes and published over 100 articles on effective job search strategies and consistently help job-seekers like you get results.

So I know from experience that one "common" resume can KILL weeks of your precious time, producing no results. While costing you thousands and thousands of dollars in lost income while providing you with nothing but anxiety, stress and frustration in return.

However, A brilliantly-formatted and expertly-worded resume can change your life overnight.

While Your Competition Waits By The Phone Listening To Silence And Hoping For A Single Ring... You'll Be Booked Solid With Quality Job Interviews!

Here's How...

I'm About To Turn... Your Run-Of-The-Mill, Stale, Overly ‘Professional’, Long, Dull, Gray, Terribly Boring Resume, Into... A ‘Freeze-The-Action’, Attention-Grabbing, Interview-Getting, Job-Landing Resume!

Your Job Hunt Is A Race... Want To Cross The Finish Line First? You Need The Very Best Resume...

My name is Mike Johnson and for more than 10 years I have been writing The World's Most Effective Resumes And Cover Letters for thrilled job seekers all over the globe. I am based out of the Washington DC area and have worked for customers in the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Why am I able to deliver results?
I'll share a little personal secret with you…


I used to be the hiring manager reading your resumes and cover letters... That’s right, this may surprise you but I was a hiring manager for a large fortune 500 company and over 15 years hired and interviewed literally hundreds of candidates…


What always struck me was how most job applicants… were so bad at capturing their career achievements, experience and skills in a short document that grabbed my attention... Most resumes and cover letters were clueless! Hopeless!

The reality is that so many talented job-seekers send in resumes that nobody reads.

Here is a sad fact: Less than 3% of the resumes I reviewed over the year made it to my “Must Call This Person Before It Is Too Late!” list.


Being in that 3% that got my attention is HARD if you don’t how to do it. You're much more likely to spot 'The Lock Ness Monster’ swimming at your local community pool!

After witnessing this for too long, I decided there had to be a better way...

I studied resumes and resume books for a long time, took good notes on what some did well... and noted what so many did poorly. Compared all I read to my own experiences on the hiring side.

Several years later, I decided to start helping people with their resume writing... Since then I helped hundreds of thrilled men and women with their resume and cover letter needs.

From there, things started to grow. I became convinced that most people could do this themselves... If they only knew what to do... And this is how I decided to compile the “Very Best Resumes” collection, and I am about to share my battle tested knowledge with you...

So now you know that the resume advice I'm about to give you is based on YEARS of experience, (not guesswork!)

The big secret is that even when a resume does command attention… it still makes employers work extremely hard to figure out whether they should call this person for an interview.

So, one rainy late fall day I decided to select a few of the best resumes I had ever written and spiced them up with the very best "resume magic dust." I sat down and did just that. These resumes were so amazing and I knew they would bring fantastic results, like never before.

I then selected a few job-seeking clients who could put these resumes to the test.

What were the results? Well, The only two words that matter: PHONE CALLS! A big increase in top notch job interview requests. It was exciting, rewarding and fun but to be honest, I was not surprised.

These fantastic resumes did something most resumes don't do. They made the interview decision easy for the employer! The resumes did not allow the employer to have any doubts about the candidate. WHY? Because they were written with A LASER LIKE EMPHASIS on getting the job-seeker called in for the interview! And THAT IS YOUR #1 OBJECTIVE!

The ABSOLUTE FOCUS of the resumes was on getting employers to say to themselves, "Wait a second... this is interesting and different, I want to meet this person. I’m pretty sure they wont be looking for a new job for  long… I'm going to call and book an interview right now before one of my competitors does.”


(The difference? These resumes and cover letters clearly and directly ASKED for the opportunity to be interviewed in a way that practically forces managers to call…. They'll want to speak with you).

That's the secret!

Recently I took the career industry by storm when I unleashed my breakthrough job-seeker collection including the, "Very Best Resumes” And “The Very Best Cover Letters".

My Very Best And Cover Letter Collection can instantly cut your job search in half, saving you time, energy, stress and money.


I am the ONLY professional resume and cover letter writer that has applied these hiring management trade secrets to creating the very best resumes and cover letters for job-seekers.

My Very Best And Cover Letter Collection can instantly cut your job search in half, saving you large sums of money, anxiety and frustration.



My Very Best Resume And Cover Letter Collection is bringing spectacular results to amazed and thrilled customers all over the world. From recent college graduates to top management executives and everywhere in between.


What People That Have Used My Very Best Resume & Cover Letter Collection 2012 Are Saying...


" easy to start with the ready made resumes and just punch in my information."


"I have tried several resume books and it was almost impossible to figure out what to do. So many different options, not clear what works best. I was very happy with the files I downloaded in your collection. The Word files were very easy to use. This saved me hours if not days of agony as I'm not much of a resume writer. It was so easy to start with the ready made resumes and just punch in my information. Very helpful product and well worth the investment."


– Joseph D'Amato
Sacramento, CA


"my new resumes are working extremely well for me…"


"A friend of mine who works in HR recommended you to me. He said your collection would provide a great start for someone like me. I needed some idea of what a good professional resume and cover letter look like. 

I showed him the results after I was done and he was impressed. My job search is ongoing now and I have been to 4 interviews. I really didn't expect this much response. I am not stressed about finding a job and not stressed about my job applications. I know that my new resumes are working extremely well for me."

– Phillip Donelly
 Ft. Worth, TX


"been at my new job for 1 month now and loving it"


"We were going through layoffs and I knew my time was up. My resume was in desperate need of a makeover and I needed a good cover letter, I had no idea where to start. On a tip from a friend who hired you to write his resume I came to your site. Your collection was just what I needed. My resume was updated, I send it out to two jobs I had been thinking about applying for and got two calls for interviews. Got one offer out of two which is all I needed. I've been at my new job for 1 month now and loving it. I have been telling all my old co-workers about your best resume collection and several have bought it too."

– Michelle Kohler
Atlanta, Georgia



"...was able to quickly got a great pro resume together"

"Thanks for putting together all these great products, examples and templates that I was able to use to quickly get a great pro resume together."

– Larry Christman
Chicago, IL

Creating A Good Resume Is A Challenge


Let's face it, putting together a strong resume is a huge challenge.

The biggest problem is that most job seekers simply don't have the time to be creative and spend hours every week learning how to improve their resume in new ways that surprise hiring managers and get them to pick up the phone and call you.

After going through web postings, newspaper postings, networking, making follow up calls, reading blogs and trying to adapt generic resumes and cover letters to your job search is hard work. There seems like little time to BREATHE!… let alone learn everything you need to know about resume writing.

And that's where this proven, exceptional collection comes in.


Are YOU Ready To Handle The Flood Of Hot Job Interviews And Top Job Offers In The Next 30 Days?

INTRODUCING... The Brand New...



resume samples templates examples guidance

After A Fast Download To Your Computer, You Simply Open "The Very Best Resumes 2012" And You're Ready To Go!

It's A Very Easy -  3 Simple Steps!

1. Download The Collection
2. Select Your Resume And Enter Your Info
3. Follow The Interactive Advice And You Are Done!

In just minutes, you're all done!
You've created a personal, powerful, effective resume
that is 100% customized for you!

The Very Best Resumes Collection 2012

For a limited time, I am offering the complete collection of my best resume Microsoft Word templates, samples and ebooks for one heavily discounted investment.

Together, they give you everything you would ever need to write a powerful, results oriented resume that will get you those interview calls you need!

Discover how you can easily avoid common resume mistakes, get inside info and expert no nonsense advice on how to ace your resume, your cover letter and how to prepare for the interviews you are sure to get with your new resume.

I honestly believe this is the VERY BEST collection of ready to use resumes and books you can use to improve your chances of getting a new and exciting job. This is specific advice, for serious job-seekers only and you can not get this information from anyone else.

But don't take my word for it. Just read some of the success stories on this page.

If you take advantage of this very special offer today, here's what you'll receive at a silly discount…



best resume samples and examplestop resume mistakesbest interview tipsbest salary negotiation tips
 best cover letters, templates and examplescover letter writing tips


The Very Best Resumes 2012
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resume samples templates examples guidance
Included in The Collection

(Sold separately for $40)





Use the proven, professionally written step by step guidance and resume samples and examples to take your resume  to the NEXT LEVEL.

You'll learn…

  • How to write a resume that completely grabs the attention of the hiring manager - with specific examples of resumes that you can use as a guide. Examples in all fields. This is what will get you interview calls!
  • The secrets to landing interviews and jobs, everytime. We will show you exactly how you can write every sentence and every line to tell the employer what you can do for them. How you can help them. Such that they will be eager to call you and get you in for interviews and to hire you!
  • The ONE THING that keeps your resume on the top of the pile and sparks new life into it… most resumes end up in the trash without this!
  • The best formats, layouts, fonts and complete resumes that you can use to leverage all our know how in writing strong resumes with strong content and a logical presentation of you and your career.
  • And much more…

"I thought I had a great resume until I downloaded and used the Very Best Resumes 2012.

Compared to the resumes I had found on google I though I was doing alright but I soon realized that I wasn't even close!. Thanks for opening my eyes.

This should be required for every serious job seeker."

- Richard Fields, Detroit Michigan 

PLUS 5 FREE GIFTS! - Yours To Keep - If You Place Your Order Before Midnight Tonight Just For Trying The Very Best Resumes 2012 Collection Today!

GIFT #1: Top 12 Resume Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them
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top resume mistakes
Included in The Collection

(Sold separately for $30)

An absolutely essential guide to all the crucial errors we have seen over years of reviewing resumes. Now you can avoid them before they hurt your chances.

Most job seekers that write their own resume make the same mistakes over and over again. Inside you'll discover the top 12 mistakes we have researched and collected over the past 10 years. Read what they are and how to avoid them…

  • Ever stopped to think about awards, recognitions and prizes or sholarships you received as you write your resume? Learn how this often forgotten topic can make the difference between you and your competition. (mistake #6)
  • The best way to open a resume to grab the reader's attention… And no, it's NOT graphics and colors! (mistake #3)
  • A unique way to set the length of your resume such that it is not too long and not too short. Just right... (mistake #10).
  • Learn the most critical trick to explosively improve your changes of getting a call. The most important of all tips that almost all job seekers completely miss... (mistake #12)
  • And much much more…

"For months I have been applying for jobs with absolutely no calls, there just didn't seem to be any interest in people with my background.

I took your advice and fixed several terrible mistakes on my resume and now I have 4 scheduled interviews with employers in San Diego county. 

After I tried this I got an immediate response. I'm looking forward to the interviews and given the number of calls I probably will no longer need to move. Thanks. You saved my job search."

Matt Sanchez, San Diego California

GIFT #2: Very Best Cover Letters
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best cover letters examples templates samples
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Professional and attention grabbing cover letters that don't take very long to prepare!

Always wondering what to write in a cover letter? How much detail to add? What to cover in just one page? What font and format to use? Let's face it, writing a short letter that will lead the reader to decide in just a few seconds to spend some time with your resume is hard!

This collection of samples and examples features a summary of the best of the best, nearly 10 years worth of professional cover letter writing experience available for you to use. 

You'll discover inventive openings, unique closings and follow up sentences, great examples of how to sprinkle your skills in the cover letter and so much more -- all in Word files that you can easily edit!

Like most job seeekers, I had gotten stuck in a rut. I can't write to save my life!

It seems like I just could not put my thoughts down in a short letter in a way that made any sense! I wrote, rewrote and then wrote some more... I did not like what I had at all. Since I got this collection my cover letter makes a lot of sense, it is clear, full of great information on my background and experience and looks really great.

Very highly recommended. Advice is specific and I did not find anything like this before.

- Kate Elsworth, Boston Massachusetts

GIFT #3: How To Write The Best Cover Letters
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best cover letter writing tips and formats
Included in The Collection
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Did you know that one of the best ways to get your resume read is to have a strong cover letter that get the hiring manager curious about you?

Think about it. A cold resume full of bullet points, or a custom written personal message about you and your interest in the company. Which do you think is the best way to present yourself?

In short, the cover letter can make a bigger difference than the resume! It's your first impression and it can make you or break you!

Inside this book you'll learn the top 17 cover letter secrets to help make this short letter exciting, professional and most of all effective.

What fonts should you use? What format works best? How much enthusiasm should you display? How soon and how should you follow up? What do you need to write to get them interested in your resume? How long should the letter be?

Find out the answers to these critical questions and much, much more.

When I looked at the content of this ebook I realized how much I had been wasting my time... In about 30 minutes I had an absolutely fantastic looking cover letter with professional content. I has several mistakes in my original letter that I was able to fix. In one of the interviews a manager complimented me on the cover letter I had sent in and told me how it had made it much easier for her to understand my resume and career progression. This is great material and I'm loving my new job.

- Steve Majewski, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

I have written and used 3 cover letters with the help of this guide and all of them resulted in interview calls. My problem now is I don't know which job offer to chose! Thanks!

- Cary Johnson, Toronto Canada

GIFT #4: The Very Best Interview Advice
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best interview advice and guidance, tips
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Did you know an estimated 63% of job seekers who get called for interviews never get an offer? 


So much promise in the resume and nothing comes of it… The reality is that so many small details can affect an interview outcome. In order to make the interview a success you need to ask yourself key questions before hand. Questions like:

  • How do you prepare for a job interview?
  • How should you answer the questions? 
  • What questions should you ask yourself? 
  • Are you compatible with the company? 
  • How about apperance and demeanor? 

Discover the answers to these and many other questions in this specialized ebook written exclusively for job seekers in this tough economy.

I have a bit of experience interviewing as I've worked as a contractor for 18 years changing jobs every 24 months or so. This ebook really has a lot of great suggestions that I can totally confirm as right on the mark. I just got the book about one month ago as I am currently on the market again and interviewing like crazy. Little things make a big difference in interviewing. The response I have gotten after this is much higher than ever before!

Jason Mast, Orlando Florida

GIFT #5: Salary Negotiation Secrets 
(Sold elsewhere for $25)

salary negotiation tips and strategiesIncluded in The Collection


The art of negotiating better conditions for yourself and your family
What every job seeker must know about how to approach management to improve compensation

To be honest I think many job seekers are uncomfortable with the idea of negotiating salary and compensation. This may account for some of the discrepancy between what you will get paid and what your co-workers will get paid. But it doesn' have to be hard if you know how to do it!

So we decided to get  to the bottom of this and find out the BEST STRATEGIES for negotiating higher pay, once and for all.

And after heavy research, we made some fascinating discoveries about 5 top proven strategies that employers can not resist. Applying these in the right setting will virtually guarantee an improvement in your compensation.

And the best part is that these strategies are 100% applicable to your situation. Yep, no business generic advice here.

Now we have to be straight with you: Not all companies are in a position to offer more. So like anything else in life that involves a negotiation, it takes a little sensitivity to get results. But the great thing is it's actually pretty simple once you know what to do.

So if you can spend an hour or two researching and preparing your case... You stand to win big. Remember that negotiating a salary is the only chance you will ever get to make thousands of dollars a minute! 

Here's what you'll learn…

  • The individual value proposal. Ideal for high performers that the company simply can not live without. 
  • The market value proposal. This works great if you work at a larger company and are able to spend a few minutes doing research. (page 4)
  • The counter offer proposal. A sure way to get your employer thinking twice about not raising your salary.
  • The promotion strategy. Which allows you to get better compensation without actually asking for a raise. We'll show you how. 
  • The best time to approach management for a raise. Timing is everything when it comes to this sensitive topic. We share an inside perspective on when to approach and when not approach management with a request for better conditions.
  • And much more...

I honestly didn't think I would learn much from this but I loved everything else in the collection so I got it and read it anyway. I had not thought about the idea of increasing my compensation until I read this. Well after reading this I followed the strategy to negotiate more vacation and I got one extra week! All I can think of is that I should have read this ebook earlier. I now have more time for my children and for traveling and it cost me literally one half hour conversation with my boss!

– Mary Jones, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"...I am on my second interview for the job I really wanted..."

"Just wanted to let you know I am on my second interview for the job I really wanted. It's been 4 days since I uploaded my resume with the new cover letter to apply for the job. This is truly above and beyond what I expected. Thanks! I'm expecting an offer will happen after the second interview."

– Lisa White
Melbourne, FL

"...started getting calls the next day."

"I wasn't looking to buy anything but I stumbled upon your site and
after reading the tips on your pages and the excellent feedback I figured you knew what you were talking about. I downloaded the collection and created a new resume. I am pretty impressed with the results. I replaced my resume on and on and started getting calls the next day. Impressive."

– Rudolfo Diaz
Los Angeles, CA

Sorry, books are not available at the moment.
Check our partners they provide professional resume help for jobs seekers.  

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Create a PERSONAL and powerful resume, not a "boring", lifeless one

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Stop the Hiring Managers Dead In Their Tracks and Land A New Job!





"The time it saved me and the quality of the information is second to none."

"I wanted nothing more than to make sure that my resumes were capturing my experience well. I have a very non traditional career progression having taken a break to do real estate. I was in a bit of a bind and I was not sure how to organize my resume.

The look and content of my new resume is now amazing. I really do think this product is a bargain for the awesome value it gave me. The time it saved me and the quality of the information is second to none. This was worth every penny."

– Robert Philson
Tacoma, WA

"...I had my first resume and cover letter finished within 1h of downloading the templates! Nice."

"I wish I had found you a long time ago. The resumes looked great and I had my first resume and cover letter finished within 1h of downloading the templates! Nice. Plus I was able to write two different versions of my resume very quickly for two different jobs. The salary negotiation strategies and interview tips were very good. Considering I get to use these resumes over and over this is a really great package."

– Brad Schmidt
Montreal, Canada


Thank you for visiting today. I would love to hear your success story! Please send me an email.

Wishing you the best career success,

Mike Johnson